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Water De – Coloring Agent.

Project Description

This product is a quaternary ammonium cationic polymer. It is a polymer of Dicyandiamide and has high efficiency absorbtion and very fast sedimentation in the anion suspension particles in the waste water system. It can neutralize the electric charge and form a good coagulant floc. It can also coagulate anionic substances such as direct, reactive, acid eyes. It is a very new type of polymer coagulant. It is able to coagulate sludge in the sewage system.

  • Stronger decolorization (>95%) and removal of COD,BOD (40-70)
  • Faster sedimentation, better flocculation
  • Non-pollution (no aluminium, chlorine, heavy metal ions etc.)

  • Textile, printing, dyeing, paper-making, mining, ink, and so on.
  • Color removal treatment for high-colority waste water from dyestuffs plants.
  • Production process of paper & pulp as retention agent.
  • Sewage Sludge.
  • Metal processing industry.
  • Fat grease-processing industry.
  • Paint industry waste water.

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Project Details

  • Date July 7, 2014
  • Tags Others, Waste Water Treatment Chemicals

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