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Bio Remediation.

Bio Remediation
Technozyme™ is our proven product for use in applications such as bioremediation; wastewater treatment; aquaculture; animal waste treatment; and grease, fat, and oil reduction in wastewater treatment plants and restaurant kitchen settings.
The company’s focus is to provide superior value and unprecedented results for customer applications. Green Aqua Tech™ has a competitive advantage by providing a superior alternative to traditional products that cannot deliver microbes directly to their food source.
Our products provide proven results in all applications when compared to competitor solutions. Our Technozyme product line is all natural and has no genetic modifications or chemical ingredients. These products are safe for human, animal, and aquatic life. The formulations contain only Biosafety Level Class 1 microbes that have been confirmed by independent testing to be non-pathogenic.

At Green Aqua Tech™, we continuously thrive to offer our clients next-generation products for applications that can help support a cleaner planet.

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