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Operation and Maintenance.

Operation and Maintenance
1) Operation Management:
We operate and maintain water and wastewater treatment plants, whether or not we built them, to enable users to optimize their production costs associated with water and wastewater treatment, to ensure effective management of their assets, to respect the standards and regulations in effect for health safety, the environment and quality. Our traditional services include:
• Operation & maintenance of ETP/STP/RO/DM/ Softener,
• Construction, commissioning, maintenance – preventive & breakdown and repair of machines and plants for water, sewage and sludge treatment

We undertake partial O & M for medium scale industries.

We offer our customers individual service models for the economic operation of plants. This full service package guarantees maximum operational safety whilst at the same time reducing running costs.

Our skilled operation will help you to save your operational cost by means of:
• Optimum chemical consumption
• Proper Preventive Maintenance to avoid major break down.
• Achieve outlet parameter under pollution board norms with Proper equipment handling and operation methodology

2) Maintenance:
Each plant has different requirements of inspection and maintenance. Our individual coordination takes place prior to commencement of the works in order to avoid unnecessary expenses for the client, however, ensuring the necessary safety.

3) Repairs:
Should there occur any breakdown in spite of best maintenance, our service team will be at site within shortest time.

4) Refurbishments:
In case of renewals and expansions of plants or equipment at issue, refurbishment measures may turn out to be just as efficient and reasonable. Why replace a practically indestructible basis substance completely by a new one, often being less high-graded, if you can achieve a perfectly functioning plant by replacing only a few wear and tear as well as spare parts?
As a regional operating company, we have specialized in reconstruction and overhaul of plants in the water, wastewater and waste treatment sector. Thanks to our long-standing experience of inspection, commissioning, maintenance and repairs, we understand the needs of our clients and know how important quality service is.

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