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Reverse Osmosis System.

Reverse Osmosis(RO)
We supply wide range of RO systems to efficiently remove dissolved solids and contaminants from water in commercial and industrial applications. Economical and efficient, our industrial and commercial reverse osmosis systems incorporate the latest in RO technology to remove dissolved minerals, particles, organics, solids and other contaminants from water.

Our offered range of RO Systems efficiently remove:
• Lead from the raw water
• Bacteria
• Cysts and Organic Chemicals
• Dissolved Solids
• Suspended Solids

The ideal applications for our RO water filtration equipment include:
• Housing and Residential Complexes
• Hospitals: (Produces High purity water which can be used in dialysis units)
• Corporates and Multistoried Buildings
• Schools and Colleges
• Mineral Water Bottling plant
• Industries
• Ion Exchange Pre-treatment
• Beverage Production
• Boiler Feed Water
• Drinking Water Purification
• Water and wastewater Purification
• Food Industry
• Syrup Production
• Zero Liquid Discharge

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