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We partner with our clients to implement turn key waste water management projects

Our Proactive Partnership Approach

Need Assessment

Our waste water management projects begin with a client need assessment. This includes a client facility visit, a discussion to understand client business context and priorities. This helps us identify the most cost effective treatments and solutions.

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Research and Analysis

The need assessment exercise is followed by thorough research and testing at our end before we present a final recommendation. This ensures our recommendation is backed by global benchmarks and a best fit for our clients business context.

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Management Discussion

Once we are ready with our recommendation backed by research and analysis, we gather for a management discussion at our client’s facility. This ensures our clients completely sign off on the project before we get started.

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Our team of experts and global partners customize each project. Each waste water treatment plant is well planned and designed to suit client needs

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Our designs are tested through simulation studies for feasibility and application. Once it passes our quality benchmark we are ready to proceed to a final sign off.

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Once our design passes the quality test and simulation studies, we proceed to a final sign off with our clients. This ensures our entire process is transparent especially with regards to resources utilized – time line and investments.

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Based on our final sign off of design, time line and investments we proceed with implementation. Our clients can monitor project progress with timely meetings and discussions. We ensure maximum transparency and client participation to close projects on time and within budget. We also deliver post implementation services.

Why Choose Us?

Cost Effective

Thorough research and detailed analysis ensure we recommend cost effective solutions

Global Quality Benchmarks

We set our own project quality parameters based on Global Benchmarks.

Timely Delivery

Our implementation experience ensures we set and deliver on realistic timelines.


Transparency is engineered into the DNA of each turn key project with systematic documentation, reporting and sign offs.

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